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Local Emergency Food and Shelter Program Awards Announced

Valley Agencies to Receive Over $61,000

The Valley will be receiving $61,643 in Emergency Food and Shelter Program funds Phase 31 thanks to recent regional awards. The funds are earmarked for emergency food, shelter, and utility costs and will be administered by Area Congregations Together, BHCare's Center for Domestic Violence, Salvation Army and TEAM, Inc.

Valley United Way serves as the local coordinator and represents the Valley at Regional meetings in Bridgeport and New Haven. Valley United Way President & C.O.O. Jack Walsh noted that the amount coming to the Valley is based upon a formula that depends on the number of unemployed individuals in a community.

Walsh thanked the local agencies who provide services in the Valley area. He noted they they come together annually to review the needs in the community and decide on the best way to meet the needs with the dollars available. As in the past, most of the money is dedicated to shelter (approximately $44,800) and food ($12,300) with a very limited amount available for utility assistance.

Following the deliberations of the local group and the regional committees in Bridgeport and New Haven, the following awards were made:

Agency Funding
Area Congregations Together (Spooner House) 40,855
Birmingham Group 11,890
Salvation Army


TEAM, Inc. 



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