The Volunteer Center, a division of Valley United Way, serves as a community resource matching the skills and interests of Valley volunteers with the needs of nonprofit agencies providing services in the Valley. The Center maintains a database of volunteer opportunities listed by nonprofit agencies in the Valley. It also coordinates the Corporate Volunteer Council (Area Businesses) and the High School Volunteer Council (Area High Schools) as well as United Way's Youth Leadership Program. 

A special service of Valley United Way (and others across the country) is Volunteer Solutions where you can list or find volunteer opportunities. Click here to go directly to that site.

Volunteer Solutions - the quickest way to find an opportunity

Lots of people are interested in becoming a volunteer, but no one has asked them and they don't know how to start. Thanks to Valley United Way's on-line service - Volunteer Solutions - it couldn't be easier to search for and find an opportunity. Simply go to Volunteer Solutions to begin your search. You can look through lists of participating agencies and opportunities or do a search of your own. If you register for the service you can set up more advanced features including having your own personalized start page tailored to your interests and having opportunities e-mailed to you at whatever frequency you desire. You can even keep track of your volunteering on the site. The entire service is free thanks to the generous support that Valley United Way receives from the Raymond P. Lavietes Foundation.

Volunteer Solutions - the quickest way to highlight your volunteer needs

Many, many organizations in our Valley rely heavily on the services of volunteers to keep their organizations running, but how do they get the word out that they need volunteers? Thanks to Valley United Way's on-line service - Volunteer Solutions - it couldn't be easier to spread the word about your organization's needs and opportunities. All you have to do is go to the agency section on Volunteer Solutions and sign your agency up for this great free service. Once you are signed up, you can tell the world about your agency and start listing your volunteer opportunities. It couldn't be easier, but if you need help, you can give Pat Tarasovic a call at Valley United Way (203 926-9478), and she'll walk you through the process.


Volunteer Center Helps Plan Group Projects

Another great service offered by the Volunteer Center is the ability to tailor a project for a group of volunteers as you can see from some of the pictures above. Click here to learn more.

For more information on volunteer opportunities, please contact  the Volunteer Center at 926-9478 or e-mail by clicking here.

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The VAC receives additional funding through the Raymond P. Lavietes Foundation.

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