Connecticut's Child Development Infoline:

a Service of United Way of CT's    2-1-1 Infoline

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CT’s Child Development Infoline


Child Development Infoline (CDI) is a place families can call if they have questions or concerns about their child’s health, behavior or development.  CDI Care Coordinators are available by phone to help with questions about general child development, dealing with challenging behaviors, or disability and health related questions.  CDI takes great pride in working individually with families to understand their needs, connect them to the best services available, and follow up to ensure their needs are being met.

Child Development Infoline serves as the access point for many of Connecticut’s programs and services for children and their families, including:

  • Birth to Three
    For children from birth-36 months of age with developmental delays or disabilities

  • Help Me Grow
    For families with children under 9 years old who are looking for information or services to support their child’s development

  • Early Childhood Special Education
    For preschool and kindergarten age children with significant developmental delays

  • Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs
    For children and youth birth to age 21 with chronic physical, developmental, behavioral, or emotional conditions who require more health and related services than other children the same age.

This specialized call center is staffed Monday- Friday from 8am-6pm, and has multilingual and TTY capacity.  This free and confidential service is available for CT families and providers, and is a program of United Way of CT / 2-1-1.

Family stories:

A single mom called because her 4-year old son was acting aggressively at the child care center.  She was worried that her child would be kicked out of the child care center.  Several referral options were offered to the mom to help her with this situation:

  • Early Childhood Special Education program in her town for evaluation

  • Early Childhood Consultation Partnership to assess the classroom situation and provide technical assistance

  • Consultation by the childcare center’s own Health or Educational Consultants

  • Mailing information on behavior management strategies

A dad called about his son who was born 6 weeks prematurely.  He was worried about his child’s growth, but the child did not qualify for Birth to Three services.  The pediatrician suggested he call CDI and enroll him in Help Me Grow’s “Ages and Stages Child Monitoring Program”.  The care coordinator also connected him with a playgroup for his son at a nearby Family Resource Center.

A dad was referred to CDI by his pediatrician.  His son has Autism and is receiving services through the local school system.  He is looking for additional supports for himself and his wife.  Upon doing some research, the care coordinator found several resources for the family including:

  • CT Autism Spectrum Resource Center

  • Workshop offered through the Bristol library

  • CT Lifespan Respite Coalition

  • Children & Youth with Special Health Care Needs program

Thank You Notes From Parents Who Used Child Development Infoline

Dear Child Development Infoline:

I’d like to extend my gratitude to the service you provide.  I have a 5 yr old with a medical condition and recently called your service with a question regarding her care in kindergarten this fall.  [My care coordinator] was instrumental in getting me the information I needed.  She carefully explained my options (before speaking with [her]

I was unaware that a 504 plan even existed).  She gave me a name and number of a child advocate that I have spoken to for advice.  Because of your wonderful service I now feel like an informed parent and feel confident that my child will receive an excellent education despite her medical condition.

With much thanks

–An appreciative parent

To the Help Me Grow supervisor:

I [would] like to thank [my care coordinator] for all her help and support.  [She] has been a great aid and support in helping me find help for my daughter with special needs.  She has provided me with valuable information, advice and referrals.  She is very knowledgeable and [provides] information on school readiness programs, special education services, play groups, support groups and even sleep and potty training information.  She has always gone the extra mile to help me with a smile despite [sic] the many calls that I’ve made to the Help Me Grow info line.  She is a caring and warm professional who is always willing to listen and help and I could not pass the opportunity to thank her for everything that she has done. 

On the telephone, Betsy related “I don’t know how other parents could do this alone.  You have helped me through all the confusing calls and programs.  It is so difficult to know where to call, who to call and when to call, especially when you get sent to the wrong person or get incorrect information”.

I have a son, Ben, that has autism and I can’t say enough about the Child Development Info Line and their willingness to help us.  Our care coordinator is truly a blessing to us.  No matter what the question, whether it is regarding finding services for Ben or how to advocate for him, she is always willing to find information that we need.  Many times she has said that she would make phone calls on our behalf.  As a parent who spends so much time advocating for my son’s needs, it is very comforting to know that whatever the need, I have someone to call that I know is willing to help. 

Thank you, United Way, for having such a wonderful program.


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