The Volunteer Action Center

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Where in the Valley is Joe Pagliaro?


The Volunteer Center, a division of Valley United Way, serves as a community resource matching the skills and interests of Valley volunteers with the needs of nonprofit agencies providing services in the Valley.  

Directed by Pat Tarasovic, the Volunteer Center maintains a database of volunteer opportunities listed by nonprofit agencies in the Valley. It also coordinates the Corporate Volunteer Council (Area Businesses) and the High School Volunteer Council (Area High Schools) as well as United Way's Youth Leadership Program. 

A special service of Valley United Way is Volunteer Solutions where you can list or find volunteer opportunities online on Valley United Way’s website. You can learn more about using Volunteer Solutions to find an opportunity here. If you are an agency looking to list your volunteer opportunities, click here.

The Volunteer Center is a vital part of Valley United Way. By reaching out to the community it determines where there is the most need and finds a way to provide aid.


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